Writing successful pre-qualification questionnaires

books (2)I always treat writing a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) like managing a project. Firstly, identify the resources you have to undertake the work, allocate required team members and ensure each person understands what their responsibility and role is in relation to the task in hand. In simple terms, make sure your staff know what they are meant to be doing and when they need to do it by. Before you consider writing the PQQ, I think it is also important to do the following:  Continue reading

Top tips for winning tenders


I get asked how to write successful bids on a regular basis. Writing tenders is very difficult but it can be overcome if you follow my top tips.

http://provensaconsulting.com(1) Preparation
Writing tenders is time-consuming, it involves a huge amount of paperwork and a lot of time and resources. In my experience, many businesses will leave writing a tender until very close to the deadline meaning that their submission is not as good as it could be. So my top tip is to be prepared and don’t underestimate the amount of work involved to create a high quality tender submission. This is the key to writing successful tenders and beating your opposition. Continue reading

My first post

If you find yourself reading my first ever blog post can I just start by saying ‘thanks’ for allocating the time to read these few words. It actually means a great deal to me to type away as it’s a start of a journey I have long thought about taking and one that I am finally embarking on now that I have just about familiarised myself with wordpress.

Let me introduce myself and give you an idea what my future posts will entail. I am Steve Frost aka “stevethebidwriter” a UK tender writer and procurement expert. I am also Director of Provensa Consulting which provides specialist bid writing services and training to businesses looking to secure new contracts.

The purpose of the blog and future posts will be to provide some insight and comment about bid writing and procurement based on my experiences. So, if you are interested in bidding for new business or have a passion for procuring things then I would like to think this blog may have some usefulness to you. It won’t all be procurement related posts though! Other interests of mine will get an airing – from cigars to cricket, politics to p.funk – even I don’t know where this will take me!